Monday, February 8, 2010

The Usual Remedies

All the rules in the world
couldn't protect you, little girl
All the prayers and wishes
All the good intentions
wouldn't make a difference

All the pennies in the world
couldn't buy your thoughts, little girl
all the promises and bribes
all the bricks of gold
wouldn't buy those words

All the songs in the world
couldn't sing you to sleep, little girl
all the rhythms and beats
all the soothing lyrics
wouldn't put you at ease

All the smiles in the world
couldn't cheer you up, little girl
all the jokes and funny faces
all the carefree moments
wouldn't brighten your day

All the time in the world
couldn't heal those wounds, little girl
all the bandages and salves
all the usual remedies
wouldn't stop this disease

But you can make your own rules, little girl
and screw their good intentions
and share those thoughts for free

You can sing your own songs
to your own rhythms and beats
and you can learn to live care free

You can rip those bandages off
and let the blood run clean.

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