Saturday, December 13, 2008

2am, exhaustion sets in and still she can't sleep - Treehouse Dreams

Just for the hell of it:

I ate a bushel

of poison apples

to test out a conjecture.

Instead of beauty sleep

I get indigestion.


the reason for Prince Charming’s

poor attendance

becomes clearer:

There’s no princess

for him to rescue here.

Just a girl with indigestion

and to much childish faith

in fairy tales and happy endings.

_ _ _ _

I chopped down that tree
in my front yard
lit a match
and watched it char
and the children came running
from up the street
to see their treehouse dreams
smolder at my feet

Monday, December 8, 2008

On Studying for a Final

The system demands my acquiescence
while it scores the past months of my existence
with numbers and letters that are exceptionally useless
not revealing the early mornings, indecisions, empty kitchen cabinets
or each excruciating minute
striving to be pleasant
while he flips through compilations
looking for another victim
to smother with meaning
that was never intended.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

For Michael

It's a nightly ritual
trespassing in a forbidden territory
the moon slick waterfall, the wind.
The cold disinterest.
Six months of struggle
with this nicotine sickness.
And the charming magician’s tricks
invisible perhaps, but not quite magic-less.

A luxury vehicle and a fighting tree
and a brother -
who is just like me.
The same disinterest.
The same weakness.
Rip down that scaffolding.
Relax into those agonies
and they become a part of the scenery.

Where incarcerated words slide
free of printed prisons
like brilliant butterflies erupting
from our visions
they are mercilessly hunted
and swatted and trampled
into dusty particles.

Except one brave escapee, who
found the moon slick waterfall
perched on the railing
and sang its burden of words
loudly and slightly off key,

to the rushing water and the wind
shunning the disinterest and the sickness
while the magician remained invisible
and the car encountered the unyielding tree,

words for a brother
who is just like me.