Monday, October 20, 2008

shadow trap symphony

Returning the favor:

When the last stretch of light was seeping through the trees
a silence thicker than my ears could reach
sent thoughts crawling over the forest floor, on bellies and knees

With the shadow trap success comes a subtle defeat
there’s no perfection in the darkness that clasps us each
just shadows and sameness and the light shards through the trees

indignant they shouted out wild eccentricities
claiming individual personas in one single angry shriek
but they quickly became bored and as a group embraced defeat

yards away, the force of that indifference, forced us to our knees

In the city streets where apathy is bred
it feeds off the distance in our heads
spreading ice through veins
where fire once fed
while we lay comfortable
and cool
in our mother-made beds

The light is dim
in the highest room
but its brilliance yearns
to match the moons
while inside you watched
my colorless dreams
humming soundlessly along
with my shallow breathing
you shook your head
and whispered sadly
“we are sustainable apathetic mechanisms
we are sustaining
and it’s a pity”

You perched on the edge of my feverish bed
and smiled as the sweat escaped in rivulets.
Then you struck your last match and it burst into flames
lit your cigarette, took a drag and held the embers
to my sluggish veins
and my screams pierced the trees past the city lit streets
burning through the forest where the fever took me
while the flames coursed higher you stroked my cheek

Until I opened my eyes to the silence and hope
and the fever retreated
but not the Warmth

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