Thursday, August 14, 2008

How unbecoming

We talk around a thousand smiles
swallowing blatant denials
but the fire on the horizon is dying
and we are excited and afraid to see
what remains, if anything

I look solid but on contact
I disintegrate into a burst of yearning particles
pretty golden specks of uncertainty
captured by a transitory wind

Summers are surreal
each day breaking on the back of the last
before sleep can steal behind closed eyelids
and poison reality
we taunt desire
and explore what we have forbidden ourselves
warming inhibitions to our cause
with teeth and lips
and hands on supple skin
burning up in our inherent vulnerability

He reaches out

I reach out

We ask - and get nothing.
The silence swallows us
with vibrant deep laughter
and hysterical moments of bliss

But the space between becomes unbridgeable.
He lets go.
I remain.
Teetering on the brink
of Everything
and Nothing
and all that is in between

Nevertheless this rebirth threatens
Sweats, Crumbles, Rolls in –
how unbecoming
is this crucial residue of love – Recovering

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