Monday, May 19, 2008


Every second you’re shining
with a light that blacks out the night
and I am sucked in by your energy
so beautiful, it hurts to look at you
So willingly, I give you custody

You just append me to your ring of keys
jingling in your pocket
not quite a part of the symphony
as I had imagined
but hey, that’s reality

I make a fortune
redesigning dreams
you’ve never seen a fortune
in your wildest dreams.
We are two separate beings
in a common stream
but it doesn’t take long to realize
you’ll never be good for me

Long after I should be asleep
I stay up to contemplate:

Hesitate until the sun comes up
sigh in relief
and sink into a troubled sleep.
Where these thoughts become replacement scars
and these walls are just replacement bars
Engineered to keep us distant

What more proof do you need?
that we are living
for the kind of tomorrow
that never dawns

I will give you evidence-
Tomorrow is too late
We are dying tonight

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