Wednesday, April 9, 2008

4am high on life and High Life and gin

They patented diet life today
A single pill to appease
this calorie tragic economy.
Less people to feed
more money to increase
Nuclear Instability.
We just pretend it’s not happening.


We went to a show to see
the famous magician
with his invisible tricks
it seemed cheap to me
but I guess that’s how
he keeps them secret.

I stayed for half of it
then crept quietly out to the street
pleased with my own disappearing act abilities.

The drunken gentlemen in the half lit alley
applauded my magical feat.


We came across a hole in the ground
bought some shovels
and went to town
digging till our blisters bled
and the dirt walls stood
higher than our heads
basking in our kingdom
with its rivers of red
we lay on the banks
and watched the suns set
and while the walls caved in
we hedged our bets
waiting for the earth
to swallow our last breaths

But if you ask us in an hour or two
our lips won’t spill Regrets

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