Monday, March 24, 2008

who needs sunny days, I write better in the rain

it's raining, soaked to the skin
they call me to come in
but I've had a bad day
and the house is looking slightly suffocating
and I'd rather keep on spinning

later they'll tell me I have no sense
and i'll laugh at their expense
I would gladly die a cold wet death
if I could say I lived my life
until my very last damp breath

for them every second has a plan
and every adventurous detour is a nice way to say you're lost
and rain is just the culprit behind muddy footprints and frizzy hair

But i won't schedule my existence
and i don't like road maps
and i'm going to stay out here spinning
until the gray clouds give way
and the sun is raining light on me
and the rain is shining in the vacant street
while they peer out from behind their glass barriers
and shake their heads at me

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