Monday, March 24, 2008

Victims of Addiction

Every tattoo you get, is the last you’re going to get
But a week goes by and you forget the pain
And you realize you haven’t made a big enough statement yet
And then you find yourself advertising your current lovers name
And your sick addiction is to blame

And isn’t it true that every last pack of cigarettes you buy
Is a buy one get one free
And you fuck your good intentions
In favor of sound economy

And you swear that this will be your last hit
Then you smoke it, and forget to quit
But no, you’re not an addict

And you always fuck her one more time
If she asks for it, it’s not a crime

Because we are all victims of addiction
And we will always give in
We’re going to fuck and smoke, get tattoos and get high
Until the day we die

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