Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Finished making sense

I pulled down the scaffolding in my body
ground it up into a crystal powder
and distributed it on the street corner
where the building I grew up in used to stand.

Alive and naked and ready to go
he was waiting for me when I got home.
I said: I’m sorry babe, I’ve sold my bones.
He said: that’s just like you, I should have known.

He got dressed and I watched him go.

I’ve survived on nicotine and Life
these past few cold and empty nights,
but I am finished making sense of this
and living under false pretenses.


Max said...

could you put this to music do you think?

HoldMyGaze said...

hm...i personally could not, having very limited musical talent, but i suppose it could be done. I do have a habit of singing my poems to random tunes where no one can hear...

it's been ages. come home someday. adam needs someone to put him in his place.