Tuesday, May 8, 2007

3 (Minutes) Past Blue

My mind is running a marathon but my heart beats steadily on
as if it knows that these are just the same games that I repeat each time I’m alone.
My tongue always has the opposite effect, it twists and spins in its own race trying frantically to keep the pace tripping over syllables it should not have let slip.

I’m getting motion sick.

I was happy long before we met, strange that your existence should have such a negative effect. If a simple kiss could satisfy this empty pit and throw my heart a bit off beat, my careless tongue would surely oblige. But as I stare into your paper eyes the folly of my mind is obvious. A single taste might set me alight, but not enough to melt the ice.

For the first time I feel I’ve lost control.

Like sinking after an incredible high, down past neutral. Beginning with a throbbing ache that drowns out a steady heart beat, pounding me to a pulp from the inside out, till I’m lying on the unswept floor, with this laptop and depressing songs, meanwhile the candle you lit flickers and goes out.

The computer screen tints my skin blue.